Acceptional Life  is fully underwritten life insurance for Canadians who require substantial amounts of coverage, but have been unable to obtain it due to their medical or lifestyle history. Acceptional Life is only available through licensed insurance advisors across Canada.

Every Year Thousands of Canadians are
Declined for Life Insurance

The Impaired Life Insurance Gap

About 10% of all life insurance applications are declined annually due to medical or lifestyle history. As face amount and degree of impairment increases, there are fewer options to purchase coverage. For individuals with substantial insurance needs, guaranteed or simplified issue products are not an adequate alternative. A large gap exists in the impaired life insurance market.


Helping to Fill the Impaired Life Insurance Gap

Acceptional Life, a fully underwritten life insurance product, helps to fill the impaired life insurance market gap by providing substantial amounts of life insurance to many Canadians who have been previously declined for medical or lifestyle history or were unable to obtain sufficient coverage in the regular market.


How do we do it?

Expert medical underwriting and innovative product design provide exceptional risk management affording maximum flexibility to assess and accept challenging risks.


Features include:

  • Limited policy terms
  • Unique standard policy exclusions


And for the FIRST TIME in Canada,

  • The use of medical exclusions in life insurance.


Meaningful Amounts of Life Insurance

Acceptional Life provides face amounts from $300,000 up to $10,000,000 suitable for:


  • Family protection
  • Business security (buy-sell funding, key person and loan collateral)
  • Estate preservation


Note:  Acceptional Life is not currently available in Quebec.

Acceptional Life® is a trade-mark of Co-operators Life Insurance Company and is used under licence.